Meet the Dogs

Let’s be honest, you just want to see pictures of cute doggos and hear more about them. Well we aim to please!


Ignited’s Order of Kahless “Martok”

Martok a 5 year old male who has earned his FGdCh-40k title and runs about 3.9 seconds in the pack. Steady and reliable, with a consistent whip-fast turn, he's a favorite dog to pass by several handlers! At home, Martok enjoys cuddles on the couch, playing smack-the-bubble-toy he's holding in his mouth, and shoving his butt towards anyone willing to scratch it. Always eager to please, eager to work, this enthusiastic derp gets involved in everything including picking up recycling on garbage day to help get things to the curb for pickup.


Ignited’s Mercurial Lady of Qo'noS “Sirella”

Sirella is a 4 year old Border Collie quick with an opinion on a wide variety of topics. She’s a very slight build and it makes for a very fast 3.8 second race dog from the first to the last heat. Tiny baby is particularly fond of whatever is currently in brother Martok’s mouth and will often be found sharing a tug with him in excitement.


Ignited’s “Ezri” Dax

Ezri has been excited to get in the ring and race all her life. At ten years old now she has earned her Hobbes title with 100,000+ points in flyball, and doesn’t show signs of slowing. The princess is one of the only dogs who won’t immediately jump up to greet us when we come home - preferring to wait on her couch or comfy bed for us to come up and greet her, as befits the princess of course. She embodies the silly adage of “no take, only throw” as she’ll show you the toy she has, and she’d love you to throw it, but doesn’t really want to just give it to you.

On Target’s Caffeine Free “Sprite”

A border collie / staffordshire terrier mix who is our A team height dog setting 10" jumps. Sprite runs about 4.1 seconds at age 8, with a personal best of 3.82 over her own height, and has earned her FGdCh-60k title.

Affectionately known as murderfish and angerpig, Sprite enjoys awkward cuddling, destroying tennis balls, and making grunting noises.

On Target’s Perfectly Calculated “Gauge”

Gauge is half border collie and half whippet and comes charging down the lanes with a heavy ‘huff’ at each jump. Running around 3.9 seconds for Paul, Gauge is a steady and loud presence in the lineup. But if you’d like to say hello to her, she’ll melt in your lap for some direct attention at any time.

MissJiff’s Mighty “Max”

Max is the newest tiniest member of our Flyball club and is ready to set heights and take balls. This tiny fruit puff at just 12 lbs can be found in everybody’s arms as no one can resist a quick energetic snuggle.

MissJiff’s Accidently in Love “Flirt”

Flirt is the speed central of the Engage club, running a pretty steady 3.7 seconds. You can find Tami trying to convince Flirt to give up the tug after every race as she doesn’t ever want to stop. This tiny border collie lives up to her name as well by flirting with anyone or any dog that feels up to it.

Stoverly Explosive Decompression “Deco”

Deco is a bouncy little mini aussie ready to race, chase and tug the day away. Deco has been racing steadily with Ezri for all of his life and is only a few steps behind her in the point count. His undying love of Ezri does seem to be a bit one sided, but that doesn’t stop him from being excited to race next to her all weekend long.

Animal Alliance's Sir Lix-a-Lot "Henry"

Henry is a dog of dubious parentage. His mother is certainly a Black Mouth Cur, but his father went out for a pack of kibble before he was born and never came home.

Henry couldn't care less about what he happens to be; he's too busy loving on every creature he comes across, big or small, two legs or four!

Henry devotes equal time to Green Dog work and making sure everyone on earth gets a loving lick across the face.

Qunacks Favor New Years Special “Casper”

Casper is a Nederlandse Kooikerhondje, and no most of us can’t pronounce that either. He debuted in flyball in March 2017 and has his Flyball Master (FM) title. Casper runs just under 5 seconds, passing steadily all day long and representing Kooiker pure breeds as the #1 Kooiker in NAFA.

Outside of Flyball Casper has an exciting career in conformation, rally, agility, nosework, barn hunt, and just going out with Gretchen as her hunting dog. Come say hello and ask Gretchen to pronounce his breed and she’ll tell you all about this Flying Dutchman and everything this breed can do!

On-Target’s Unexpected Fortune “Chance”

Chance is the newest member of the Clopp family and the greenest little puppy on Engage. He’s super cute, ready to work, ready to bite his big bro Henry, or the kids, or whatever.