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Joy Adiletta

Joy has been been a flyball tournament leader for two separate teams and has now formed her own club. Joy is quite organized, there’s probably a spreadsheet for whatever question you are thinking about right now.

Outside of Flyball, Joy is a biotech scientist working for AGC Biologics where she makes the drugs that will cure the diseases of tomorrow. She’s also a certified canine fitness trainer, and owns her own business, Ready on the Line. There’s always a knitting project somewhere nearby as well.

Chris Martok.jpg

Chris Adiletta

Chris and Joy got into Flyball together in 2005. As he likes to say, Chris is just here to carry heavy things. In reality Chris can be seen in his kilt box loading, running Martok in any running position, barbecue grilling for the team, or troubleshooting RV trailer operations.

Outside of Flyball Chris works for Dell Technologies as an education program manager on enterprise storage systems. He enjoys video games, long distance running, brewing his own hard cider, playing guitar, and sci-fi movies. Always ready with a bad joke, Chris is great at jumping in and lightening the mood wherever he goes.

tami dogs.jpg

Tami has a long experience working as a vet tech for many years, both with dogs and with horses back in the day. She’s worked as a dog trainer as well and brings all that experience into her love of the chaos of flyball. You’ll hear her infectious laugh from across the arena and know Tami’s ready for racing any time.

Tami Linnerud

Tami has a great love of the crazy dog life. Tami can be found running the ever speedy Flirt or our newest member Max! Otherwise she’ll be helping organize and taking notes, or back working the kitchen helping keep us all fed and happy with her great crock pot recipes.

Paul dogs2.jpg

Paul Linnerud

Tall Paul, the reacher of the top shelf. Paul is a versatile member seen box loading, running either Deco or Gauge in the pack, or photographing races with the latest of his camera toys just for fun. Always interested in the details of dog family lines, of the latest flyball box construction details, or just helping wherever it’s needed.

Beyond the lanes Paul has worked as a Microsoft developer for many years. He’s also often in physical training for an Iron Man race or Marathon, and his dogs do love a nice long distance run.

Gretchen Show.jpg

Gretchen Wetzel

Gretchen spends all her time working with animals large and small. Together with her love of the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje, she and her dog Casper dove both feet into the world of flyball. Outside of flyball she works with Trupanion as a claims assistant and has a background in conservation biology.

Gretchen has worked with the Kooiker breed for 18 years and is quite involved with the breed overall. Then she finds her way into working with cows, horses, other dogs, birds, or really anything besides those pesky humans.


Aidan Clopp

At the formation of Engage Flyball we lacked one key component: someone to run Sprite. The Clopps had just moved across the country and being long time friends with the Adilettas, they checked out this Flyball thing. Aidan was hooked and stepped up to help handle Sprite. Sprite was in love with the idea and Aidan was dedicated to taking instruction and learning Flyball in record time

Outside of Flyball Aidan is studying hard, playing video games, and getting in trouble as any good kid should.


Averie Clopp

Averie has found herself working with their new Border Collie puppy Chance in Flyball while watching her brother take on Sprite. She can be found helping collect balls, pass calling and working in green dog practice as Chance grows into the sport.

Outside of Flyball Averie is studying hard, playing video games, and getting in trouble as any good kid should.


Kristen Clopp

Kristen may not be handling a dog on the team, but she’s got her hands full handling the two kids and keeping her dog allergies at bay! Offering her services as baking master for Gluten Free treats, time keeping our racing teams, and driver of the Clopp family madness. Kristen is an integral part of maintaining club integrity.

Beyond Flyball Kristen is working with a catering group as an allergen consultant, and generally trying to keep the rest of the Clopps breathing on a somewhat regular cadence.


Greg Clopp

Greg and Chris have been friends since olden times, and after moving out west, Greg found himself roped into flyball and tossed into the boxloader role. As soon as we let him know that there was beer, BBQ and balls involved, he was hooked.

Outside of flyball, Greg is a Nurse Anesthesiologist in Everett, WA and enjoys beer, geocaching, working with the Waze app team, beer, embarrassing his kids and beer.