Engage Flyball

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Upcoming Events


Matsqui Flyball Tournament
September 2019 - Agassiz BC

Two tournaments in September makes everything busy! New venue in Agassiz we’ll be checking out.

Dogwood Tournament
October 2019 - Abbotsford BC

Back to our usual stomping grounds in Abbotsford for another great Dogwood tournament to kick off the 2020 racing season.

Unorthodogs Tournament
November 2019 - Monroe WA

A local tournament! Come check us out nearby! It’s a rare treat to have a tournament in town for us.



We practice Sundays from 12 - 2pm at Four Paw Sports Center in Lynnwood, WA. We can always use another pair of hands, so come by and check it out, we’ll put you to work!

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Tournament Focus

Engage Flyball is registered with the National Flyball Association (NAFA) in region 7. We endeavor to attend all the tournaments within region 7 and try to travel outside the region for experience maybe once a year. That’s approximately 12 tournaments per year. The rest of the time we are practicing each week and engaging in other fun activities like dock diving.

If that seems like a lot, don’t worry! We don’t require participation at every event, just some of them.



Engage Flyball is owned and run by Joy Adiletta. Joy is a fierce organizer, a scientist, a border collie lover and a k9 fitness business owner. Together Joy and Chris have run flyball since 2003 along with great friends like Paul and Tami Linnerud. We all participate to keep the club running, but final decisions and organization are on Joy, which is just the way we like it.

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Flyball is a relay race among a team of four dogs. Engage flyball will build tiered teams based on average and reliable racing speeds. Our A team, Blueshift, is the fastest 3 dogs plus a height dog to compete in regular competition.

We will then adjust to fill goals for competing in other classes such as multi-breed or open divisions, or meet goals of dog point totals and take home individual titles.


Get Started

Do you have an excited dog? Want to see what it takes to be a flyball dog? Take a look at the steps to join the flyball community!

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We need your help! Too many dogs, not enough people! If you’re interested in learning more about our practice, about a tournament, about training or anything, email us! We’re happy to talk flyball with you no matter what your interest level.

… No seriously, we can talk flyball for days.