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The dogs just want to run…

Some teams balance dogs to help all the dogs make points. Some teams focus on running the fastest time possible, some are just in it for fun local demos and exercising dogs. We will look to put together an ‘A’ team with the fastest and most reliable combination of dogs for competing. Additional teams may be structured similarly for other racing classes like Multibreed (each dog must be a different recognized breed) or geared for alternative goals like debuting new dogs, running for points or titles, or just having fun.

We train with safety, efficiency and speed in mind for every dog. We make sure we’re prepared for tournament events, the teams have worked together, and the dogs are comfortable with each other. We expect members to also reinforce behaviors at home, exercise the dogs so they maintain good racing shape, and take care of their own health as this is a sport and can be a stress on the humans as well. Practice time is to update and perfect flyball technique and preparedness, but should not be a primary source of exercise for the dogs.

Joy Adiletta is the owner of the club, so decisions and organization are on her very capable shoulders, but we are all a part of the club and work to maintain our equipment, actively participate at tournaments and bring thoughts to training. The name of the club is Engage, and we look to everyone to Engage, to lean in, to be aware not only of their own roles, but of other roles that may need help too. Joy may be the captain, but we all make the team a success.